Vocabulary/Article Review

Advanced Architectural CADD

Architectural CADD


Solid Modeling

Surface Modeling

Independent Study

Do Now for 2/22/13 - You are going to go the the website link below once there you will click on "start new game," leave the timer on and the increment level should be set to Sixteenths. You will try until you get 3 strikes and then you will alert me so that I can look at your score and level you got.

The Ruler Game

The bridge pictures in the link below is built over the Panama Canal but there is no road on either side of the bridge and therefore is called the Bridge to Nowhere.

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The download button will appear in the bottom corner once you click on the link.

The link below is a time lapsed power point presentation of a bridge built in Europe.

Safety and Your Job Rights
On the Job Safety

Know Your Rights!
You are going to go to page 21 and read from page 21 to 24, once you have finished reading you are going to create a PowerPoint presentation by making one slide for each of the bold title sections on those pages.