Week of 4/29/13 - Finish your competition drawings then once you are complete you are going to find someone, your customer, who would like to have you draw something up for them and then print on the 3d printer. You will need to submit sketches, brainstorming ideas, and drawings before the part will be printed. You can bring ideas to your customer but you are working for them. It should be for someone not in this room. Is there a teacher you want to make something for, or a friend, or a parent? It is up to you to have a customer and ideas by the end of this week and shown to me. It should be able to be printed the week of 5/13. You will need to take to your customer print outs of the object and have them sign off on it also this is so you have their approval before we print it.

Week of 4/8/13 - You should be working on an assembly for the MITES competition or if you are drawing something like a tank, plane that can also be used in some of the categories. But they must be of HIGH quality to be used. You will enter 3 categories and yes you can use the same assembly for all 3 categories. Look through Chapter 14 to find an assembly then go to my TS$ folder and under the MITES Categories you will find examples of the categories. There are also examples posted around the CNC machine.

Week of 3/18/13 - You will need to start working on your competition drawings so go to my teacher share folder and go in the MITES Categories folder then the Mechanical Folder and then choose 3 categories you will enter.
Yes you must enter as they are a grade for the class.

Week of 2/20/13 - You will continue working on the drawing of your choice - but I will NOT accept something that has not been given much effort. It will be done until I determine you have given your best effort and it looks as close as possible to the picture you choose to use. You must also show me the website where you got your idea from - so I can compare the two.

Week of 2/11/13 - You should be working on your plane, train, tank, boat, blimp, etc. of your choice. Work on applying label/graphics and rendering it.

Wednesday 1/30/13 - We are going to finally figure out and be able to read and understand what they are talking about in thread descriptions. So to get you started you are going to need the Orange Technical Drawing Book and using Chapter 11 Threads, Fasteners and Springs, define the key words on page 413, I am going to do this myself and YES I know there are A LOT of them. And then we are going to do the review questions. Type your vocab on quizlet.com and then review questions in word, the review questions in the book do not need to be retyped just give me the answers. Our goal in the end is to be able to draw them and make the extrusion instead of just applying a picture like we have been. :) I will give you to the end of the hour on Thursday to finish this part so that on Friday we will begin drawing threads ourselves. GET TO WORK!! I say this with love :)

Tuesday 1/29/13 - Social Contract