Week of 4/29/13 - Based on who is done with their competition drawings I will put you in groups of two to work on drawing 14.90 as a team. You will decide how it will be done with a due date of 5/17/13 for all drawings and animations. Make sure to apply materials to all parts.

Week of 4/8/13 - You should be working on a competition assembly from Chapter 14. The description of the categories that you have to choose 3 of are found in my TS$ folder under MITES Categories. You can also find examples posted around the CNC machine. These are due by 4/26 and will NOT be accepted after that date as there is a due date for the day they must be entered by. The due date can be moved up if I see alot of people sitting around and not working.

Week of 2/20/13- Once you have your assembly done of your choice you are going to draw either 14.68-Stock Bracket or 14.74 - Trolley. You will assemble, animate, show me animation, explode, titleblock the explosion, assembled version, and then each part shown in 2 views with dimensions. The exploded view page should be ballooned and have a parts list.

If you are completed with all above drawings go to my teacher share folder and look at the Mites Categories folder and the Mechanical Categories to see the descriptions of the categories you will be choosing from. Yes you will be entering 3 categories.

Week of 2/11/13 - You should have finished 14.31 and placed it on a title block with dimensions then chosen another part of your choice from chapter 14 that got my approval - placed that on a titleblock and then your third assignments is your choice, with approval, of an assembly from chapter 14.

1. - 14.31 - on a titleblock and dimensioned
2. - Ch 14 your choice of a part titleblocked and dimensioned.
3. - Ch 14 your choice of an assembly with approval titleblocked/dimensioned/animation.

Wednesday 1/30/13 - We are going to finally figure out and be able to read and understand what they are talking about in thread descriptions. So to get you started you are going to need the Orange Technical Drawing Book and using Chapter 11 Threads, Fasteners and Springs, define the key words on page 413, I am going to do this myself and YES I know there are A LOT of them. And then we are going to do the review questions. Type your vocab out using quizlet.com and then answer the questions using word, the review questions in the book do not need to be retyped just give me the answers. Our goal in the end is to be able to draw them and make the extrusion instead of just applying a picture like we have been. :) I will give you to the end of the hour on Thursday to finish this part so that on Friday we will begin drawing threads ourselves. GET TO WORK!! I say this with love :)

Tuesday 1/29/13 - Social Contract