Week of 5/13/13 - What you will need to show for your grade on the remodel....

  • Floor plan labeled with dimensions - printed out 11x17
  • Make a walk through in realistic and show to me when finished for me to grade that portion
  • 2-4 renderings of your space on a titleblock

Week of 4/29/13 - Once you have finished your projects for MITES you are going to either choose to redesign the school library or cafeteria. Use the link below to see the details of the project.

Week of 4/8/13 - You will put each room you have rendered into publisher so they print out on one page, and you will also complete a walk through of the commercial building. To do either of these please ask for help when you are ready. You will need to print out the floor plan with no site details showing (parking lot, lights, etc.), a site plan, elevations with site details NOT showing, ceiling plan with 1st floor underlay and interior sections of the bathrooms, and kitchen. You also have competition drawings to be working on. If you are rendering then you can open Revit again while it is working and do another drawing of a 1500 SQ-FT house minimum of your choice from coolhouseplans.com - ask me to show you how to do this if you do not know how to search for the program. The descriptions of the categories can be found in my TS$ folder in the MITES Categories folder.

Week of 3/18/13 - You should finish your commercial building with renderings and all by the end of this week. So that next week you can start your competition drawings. If you are finished with your commercial building then go to my teacher share folder and open the MITES categories folder and there you will find photo examples of the categories and also a description of the categories in word.

Week of 2/20/13 - Continue working on your commercial building. Make sure to follow the directions listed on the link below week 2/11.

Week of 2/11/13 - Finish and present your house board then you will work on building a commercial building using the link below

Week of 2/4/13 - Work on your American House presentation board the photo paper is in the plotter to print out your examples.

Wednesday 1/30/13 - American Houses Presentation - Print out a copy of the document below and bring to the table to discuss together.

Tuesday 1/29/13 - Social Contract

Website to download more components for REVIT

username - lphscadd
password - hello


Some helpful places to go to with questions.......