Week of 5/13/13 - What to turn in for your hotel drawings. -

  • Floor plans with dimensions and labels of rooms
  • Elevations n/s/e/w
  • Camera view rendering of front and rear elevations

Week of 4/29/13 - Work on your poster board of your realistic views for the MD-10 category. Once you have finished your MITES categories you will be drawing your hotel. Read the attached document for the details of what is expected to be found in the hotel.

Week of 4/8/13 - Render each room of your restaurant print all views on one sheet using publisher. You will also need to do a walk through of the building. Please ask for help when you are ready to do either of these. You will need to print out your floorplan-turn off all site details, site plan, elevations, interior sections of the bathroom sinks and stalls, kitchen equipment, and then the ceiling plan with the underlay of the first floor turned on. If you are waiting for a render to finish then you need to open up revit again and begin working on your competition drawing of a 1800 sq-ft house of your choice from coolhouseplans.com. You must enter 2 categories and they are due on 4/26 at the end of the day. You will not be able to turn in these assignments late as there is a due date for the competition. The categories and their examples are in my TS$ folder under MITES Categories.

Week of 3/18/13 - Continue working on your restaurant hopefully you could have it rendered and all by the end of the week so you can start working on your competition drawings next week. If you are finished with your restaurant look at the category examples in my teacher share folders. All architectural categories start with AD. In that same folder is a word document explaining the categories.

Week of 2/20/13 - Either work on your restaurant or you can work on the concession stand project, see me for details.

Week of 2/11/13 - Finish and present your House board then continue working on your restaurant from last semester.

Restaurant spec's -

Week of 2/4/13 - Work on your American House presentation board the photo paper is in the plotter to print out your examples.

Wednesday 1/30/13 - American Houses Presentation - please print out a copy of the assignment below and bring to the table so that we can discuss it together.

Tuesday 1/29/13 - Social Contract

Website to download more components for REVIT

username - lphscadd
password - hello

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